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Hanging Signs by Newbridge Sign Shop

Hanging Signs by Newbridge Sign Shop

Hanging signs are one of my favourite sign styles on any street scape … when done well. The effect on a street scape of  planned, crafted and well positioned hanging signs  are architecturally and aesthetically Hanging signs can be of many styles.

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They can be fixed, swinging or illuminated. Within these options they can be with raised letters , handpainted designs stainless steel or even copper.

Swinging signs like Bolands Solicitors and Hartes become a feature on a building. Handpainted ones like the Granary and The Tide Full Inn are perfect for that old shop style & very suited to pubs and heritage buildings.

I love bespoke signs like The Italian Kitchen and Urban Escape as the client wants something unique to make them stand out above the rest. The italian kitchen is made of pine and is illuminated through opal acrylic. Urban Escape is made of beaten copper and raised gold leaf letters. FiFi Belle is a see through centre sign with a crafted shoe and Art Deco styled border. As you can see, pride is taken in the making of all our hanging signs and the aim is to make a feature of them rather than just bang up any old muck which tends to lower the overall image of the shopfront. There is nothing like looking down a street and seeing an array of well executed hanging signs rather than a colllage of oversized, plastic and gaurish looking signs which dominate most high streets in Irish Towns. I have to give credit once again to the towns of west Cork and Kerry for the beautifully crafted and planned shopfronts and streetscapes which are so carefully preserved.

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