Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf :

this is a process where pure gold 23 3/4 K is adhered to a raised surface i.e. 3 dimensional letter , a Flat hand painted letter to give a very high lustre to a Sign and it can also be applied to the back of glass giving it a very high mirror quality . The reason for such a high quality is 1) to keep it’s lustre or shine for a maximum life, as lower carat tend to tarnish in outdoor environment and 2) it’s lustre makes it stand out over any other medium on a street which makes your shop sign stand out above the other premises and 3) it has a very strong presence and improves the first impression of a premises


Boutique signs kildare Naas Newbridge

Kalu Hanging Sign

Take a peek at the glorious way in which our friends across the pond used to make this elusive product.