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Gate Painting our next adventure with video

Here I am over in sunny Kildare town, having a great ole time getting involved with some old school design and painting. Here in the video below you will get a glimpse of what goes in to producing logos on a slatted tongued and grooved gate. The few days it took to get this signage alive was filled with hot direct sun followed the odd time but lashings of rain. Great fun working outdoors.

You know it makes sense to get a new sign so get calling, I will look after you.

Newbridge Signs In Naas Co Kildare Hand Painting for Sticky Fingers

Gable End Painting – Video Blog – Newbridge Signs

Sticky Fingers Crèche in Naas, Co Kildare.

Newbridge Signs Vlog

This is the first of Newbridge Sign’s Video Blog.

Please have a little look at this one,  It is about Hand Painting a Gable End Wall.
There is so much involved in preparation and organisation, a lot goes on before we actually put brush to wall.

Plans are so important on a large scale projects. What amazes me is the amount of people that just think these signs seem to go up over night,
while this may be true for some smaller scale jobs a lot can happen outdoor working in Ireland. We are limited by the weather, hours of sunshine and also with letting the paint set between coats.

This varies on media type and location.

Here we go through some of the production of this Gable wall and front face of the newly refurbished Sticky Fingers Crèche In Naas, Opposite the Taxol Garage, Co Kildare.

We hope to have some more video content out soon so check back with us.
If you are interested in any particular topics with regards sign writing drop us a quick email and we will see what we can do for you.

Alternatively if you need work done, perhaps a new lick of paint to an older sign or you have something we can upgrade and refurbish, we love a challenge.

stainless steel letters on polished concrete

Gable Signs – Newbridge Signs Kildare

Gable and Wall Signs:

Having a gable end on your premises is priceless in many respects.
It is a canvas to advertise your business, make a landmark feature and make what can be a dull blank wall an integral part of your overall external design plan.
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There are a few nice options.
  • Hand painted sign: The advantage of painting your gable is that your only limitation is the size of the Gable. you have a background colour and then you can panel it out to accommodate various colour areas to hold different information. Kavanagh’s Bar Naas uses a limey green panel, painted onto a bottle green gable, with high contrast letters and shadows to make the sign pop. This sign will age gracefully and will not need much attention in my lifetime (Bar it changes hands…. which I doubt).  Marrons of Clane also uses this panel method which allows the pharmacy to change it’s overall colour without affecting the signs. Alternatively you can paint letters directly onto the background colour, giving strong contrast and shadowing as can be seen in Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers was handpainted onto the gable using Acrylics. Firstly all the letters were chalked into position and the tree was positioned afterwards and then painted in using a 1 &1/2@ fitch. The wall was a nap finish so required a bit of brush work to force paint into all pits and bumps. Acrylics are brilliant and have a great life. Manzors of Clane was also done in this method and is at least 10 years old.
  • Raised letters sprayed and fixed onto a gable is also a very attractive finish. Goldleaf prismatic letters on a painted panel also look really rich and have a natural  very high reflective quality (see Muldowney). Complexions gable sign is raised and airbrushed and uses a few complimentary colours to make it work. This sign was resprayed for a change of colour and can be resprayed at any time to accommodate colour change to premises.
  • One of my favourite gable signs is the Moat Theatre which was commissioned 14 years ago on a design created by The Artist  Brid Ni Rinn and we were given the brief to create a sustainable sign in fitting with the building. This sign was made from copper, stainless steel, stained glass and copper-leaf. it looks the exact same as it did the day it went up (old and distressed). That mixed medium of stainless and titanium used in Harbour View on mass concrete is also very cool.There is another option that is mostly used nowadays print it on a panel and bang it up. It tends to have a plastic printed ra rara…look.
    I have an issue with graphic designs stuck on walls.

Fachtna Shortt

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school signs leinster

School Signs – Newbridge Signs Kildare – Sign Shop

School Signs by Newbridge Signs

School Signs should be more of a statement than an advertisement.  A smart sign with raised letters and the school crest should be sufficent. Pointing people towards websites on this sign should not be necessary in this day and age. People check you out with phones or others devise at the touch of a screen and generally get an idea of your ethos and mission statements way before they make verbal contact.

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Freestanding signs are really suitable for schools that stand back from the road whereas raised letters or letters painted onto gables look great on buildings that are clearly visible from their gate or entrance.

Nursing homes signs and retirement homes can generally have similar style signs for their business. Creche and Montessori school signs tend to be more colourful and playfull in design. Sticky Fingers creche uses raised individual sprayed letters on it’s gable to a nice effect, giving it a warm, friendly vibe.

Oghill Nursing home and Owning retirement village incorporates handpainted gold leaf and illumination in a country enviroment. Both these styles respect the enviroment they are in. Every enviroment is assesed and a sign to suit each situation is evaluated prior to execution.

Fachtna Shortt

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Honours Boards - Newbridge Signs Kildare

Honours boards – Sign Shop

Honours boards are one of the oldest areas of signwriting which write the history of schools, clubs, hospitals, societies genealogy and many other organisations to celebrate achievements , leaders , patrons etc.

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The most beautiful forms, are those freehanded with gold leaf letters. One of my best and favourite clients used to have a theatre in his house where he acknowledged everyone who took part in the plays, which he put on annually for children’s charities, by having their names in gold leaf hand painted onto multiples of Honour boards and also loved honouring his horses whom had brought success to the stable. We also do honours Boards for many Golf Clubs which have full histories of the Captains Presidents Best Golfers .

Honours boards can also be done more economically in vinyls but who knows what a vinyl sign will look like in 30 -70 years. Gold leaf always looks great in reflecting the age and history of it’s owners.

When starting an Honours Board it is very important to plan it carefully.  Get the heading ie society, club etc .established date, line it out into as many sections with a plan for the number of years you would hope to get on it. Boards of 100years are not unusual. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful large mahogany board with 1″ (25mm ) + letters, with 3/4″ (18mm)

line spacing, each line half the width of the board and that board looking like it will be full in 30 years.. “yeah but I won’t be around in 30 years- who cares..” History cares. Think of the future generations who look back and see their great grand daddy’s name, for shootin’ 1800 partridges in a pear tree in 1973. There is nothing like 1/2″ letters on a board (see roll of honour swordlestown Stud , Newbridge college Hockey). When prepping or starting, line the complete board, so that in the early days the board doesn’t look so empty and within 10 to 15 years that board is going to get legs.

We can supply these boards and letter them from scratch.

Fachtna Shortt

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Hotel signs kildare

Gold Leaf letters – Newbridge Sign Shop

Gold Leaf letters

Signwriting with Gold leaf also known as Gilding, Glass gilding or surface gilding is one of the most attractive finishes on any shopfront. The Gold used is is generally 23 Karat for window and signboards and dimensional Gold letters. Anything less will tarnish and not have the lustre of the higher Karat. Many paint shops supply “GOLD LEAF PAINT”(Midas Touch) which is a product that will shine when it first goes on but will go downhill, to a mucky brown, within a short period. I have seen many times when a painter would freshen up gold leaf letters with this gold leaf paint and by the time he had his cheque cashed the once beautiful letters were on their way south.But funnily, a year down the line, when the paint darkens, the gold leaf, that was painted over, starts to become visible again through the varnish of the “GOLD PAINT”. Gold leaf is actually applied to a glue called size where it adheres to the surface when the size reaches the perfect tack. The length of time the size remains open can give the gold the best lustre.

I use a thicker 23 3/4 Karat from the UK. Lots of leaf comes from China nowadays but generally is not as good a quality. I have done Gold leaf raised letters for Hughes Pharmacy in Clane, in 1994 and Kieran still paints his shopfront around these letters 23 years later. He actually replaced the sign board last year and we repositioned the letters without any issues.
We also regilded the letters on the iconic Thomas Fletchers pub in Naas
which involved stripping the old letters right back to natural wood and priming, prepping and gilding. Thats done a few years now. We also Gilded The five Lamps pub in Naas in the 1990’s. While it’s not the original front ( I don’t think it ever had an original shop front when the 2 sisters owned it) the beautiful copper repousse, done by a guy called Pollard, if I’m remembering rightly, from Ballymore, gave the front a brilliant unique, in a good way style . The New owner wanted to take the sign down and bin it as he wanted to change the front but I convinced him to keep this beautiful copper crafted sign, by advising that a gild of 23 K gold leaf on that copper would give the sign another life. It is a life 20+ years now.

It’s been a while since I have glass gilded anything. It is a slow process and involves the use of materials such as Gelatin, Distilled water and luvly tools such as gilders tip, gilders Knife and cushion and a bit of static from your hair to hold the gold on the tip prior to placing it on a gelatin and water solution soaked window. The gold jumps from the tip to the glass and forms a mirror gold on the glass which is then backed up with black paint and varnish to protect it during window cleaning. I have the remains of one still in the Hoky Poky coffee shop in Newbridge. There was a fire in the premises and an over zealouus window cleaner scrubbed of a portion of it. It still looks brilliant another lifetime on……. even with its bits removed. This process was a favourite for the Legal professions windows high above the streets of cities where the leaf would make the letters highly visible/legible from a fair distance.

The fantastic old Pub “Flanagan’s” on the back street in Newbridge has an amazing old sign over it’s door. The owner was opening an off Licence next door and needed a sign. Instead of making a brand new modern sign, we made it look like the original one over the pub (good old bad signwriting). While the signwriting isn’t the most amazing, it is this what gives the sign it’s originality and shows the style of the Signwriter back in the day. This is done a long time and there is aluvly little mistake in the lettering on the fan window, something on the lines of ” licensed for the sale of wine, spirits and beer for consumption on or the premises” . Brings to mind “a printer publishes his mistakes a doctor buries his”.
I am now in love with gold leaf on carved letters. When you gild engraved or prismatic letters the gold just hops off the board and changes it’s lustre as you walk by depending on the position of the sun. when you look at a gold leaf sign along a street full of shops, the one that will be most legible and stand out above the rest will be the one and only… just remember


Newbridge Signs Gold Leaf

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Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf :

this is a process where pure gold 23 3/4 K is adhered to a raised surface i.e. 3 dimensional letter , a Flat hand painted letter to give a very high lustre to a Sign and it can also be applied to the back of glass giving it a very high mirror quality . The reason for such a high quality is 1) to keep it’s lustre or shine for a maximum life, as lower carat tend to tarnish in outdoor environment and 2) it’s lustre makes it stand out over any other medium on a street which makes your shop sign stand out above the other premises and 3) it has a very strong presence and improves the first impression of a premises


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Kalu Hanging Sign

Take a peek at the glorious way in which our friends across the pond used to make this elusive product.

Sign Shops – Sign Writing Shop

Welcome Newbridge Signs: In our new sign shop we will be providing you some interesting content from
our own workshop here In Newbridge Kildare along with tid-bits of interesting articles and videos to help you guys
understand some of the ways Sign Shop Newbridge can be used and what goes in to it.

Here is a nice little video I found of traditional sign writing with brushes.

Simple & nice. Take a look below. We are currently developing content from the depths
of our workshop to show you some of what we do in a nice video format.

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