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Gate Painting Video Blog

Gate Painting our next adventure with video Here I am over in sunny Kildare town, having a great ole time getting involved with some old school design and painting. Here in the video below you will get a glimpse of what goes in to producing logos on a slatted tongued and grooved gate. The few […]

Gable End Painting – Video Blog – Newbridge Signs

Sticky Fingers Crèche in Naas, Co Kildare. This is the first of Newbridge Sign’s Video Blog. Please have a little look at this one,  It is about Hand Painting a Gable End Wall. There is so much involved in preparation and organisation, a lot goes on before we actually put brush to wall. Plans are so […]

Hanging Signs by Newbridge Sign Shop

Hanging Signs by Newbridge Sign Shop Hanging signs are one of my favourite sign styles on any street scape … when done well. The effect on a street scape of  planned, crafted and well positioned hanging signs  are architecturally and aesthetically Hanging signs can be of many styles. They can be fixed, swinging or illuminated. […]

Gable Signs – Newbridge Signs Kildare

Gable and Wall Signs: Having a gable end on your premises is priceless in many respects. It is a canvas to advertise your business, make a landmark feature and make what can be a dull blank wall an integral part of your overall external design plan. There are a few nice options. Hand painted sign: […]

School Signs – Newbridge Signs Kildare – Sign Shop

School Signs by Newbridge Signs School Signs should be more of a statement than an advertisement.  A smart sign with raised letters and the school crest should be sufficent. Pointing people towards websites on this sign should not be necessary in this day and age. People check you out with phones or others devise at […]

Honours boards – Sign Shop

Honours boards are one of the oldest areas of signwriting which write the history of schools, clubs, hospitals, societies genealogy and many other organisations to celebrate achievements , leaders , patrons etc. The most beautiful forms, are those freehanded with gold leaf letters. One of my best and favourite clients used to have a theatre […]

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs are most often used where the premises, or business are stepped back from the entrance, or have blocked visibility from the road, or may have preservation order from signs attached to a building. It is very important to make these of high standard materials reducing maintenance to a minimum. All the freestanding signs […]

Gold Leaf letters – Newbridge Sign Shop

Gold Leaf letters Signwriting with Gold leaf also known as Gilding, Glass gilding or surface gilding is one of the most attractive finishes on any shopfront. The Gold used is is generally 23 Karat for window and signboards and dimensional Gold letters. Anything less will tarnish and not have the lustre of the higher Karat. […]

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf : this is a process where pure gold 23 3/4 K is adhered to a raised surface i.e. 3 dimensional letter , a Flat hand painted letter to give a very high lustre to a Sign and it can also be applied to the back of glass giving it a very high mirror quality . The reason for […]