Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf :

this is a process where pure gold 23 3/4 K is adhered to a raised surface i.e. 3 dimensional letter , a Flat hand painted letter to give a very high lustre to a Sign and it can also be applied to the back of glass giving it a very high mirror quality . The reason for such a high quality is 1) to keep it’s lustre or shine for a maximum life, as lower carat tend to tarnish in outdoor environment and 2) it’s lustre makes it stand out over any other medium on a street which makes your shop sign stand out above the other premises and 3) it has a very strong presence and improves the first impression of a premises


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Kalu Hanging Sign

Take a peek at the glorious way in which our friends across the pond used to make this elusive product.

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Newbridge Sign shop – New Web Site serving Newbridge, Naas, Kildare & The World

Newbridge Signs has not disappeared. Our website died a horrible death, the hosting
and the Domain got lost in cyber space. Worry not, it is currently being rebuilt from the ground up with some new functions
to help you guys get in touch and get your business needs met with better efficiency. Behind the scenes we have had to change hosting & service provider for our website.

We are more than just a sign shop,  We bring with all our signs a unique understanding of your business,  by having a chat & listening to you we can figure out exactly what will serve you best.
We have many years in sign building using many types of media including, Gold leafAcrylics, Wood, Stone, Stainless Stee, Hand Painted Designs if you have something unique or interesting you’d like to have made in to a sign the Bespoke touch is something we can surely do. Have you got some glass panels ? (shop windows) that you’d like to spruce up we have many wonderful solutions from Etched & Frosted  Vinyls & Hand Painted Designs even Custom Built Finishes.

You may contact us directly on the following,


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Sign Shops – Sign Writing Shop

Welcome Newbridge Signs: In our new sign shop we will be providing you some interesting content from
our own workshop here In Newbridge Kildare along with tid-bits of interesting articles and videos to help you guys
understand some of the ways Sign Shop Newbridge can be used and what goes in to it.

Here is a nice little video I found of traditional sign writing with brushes.

Simple & nice. Take a look below. We are currently developing content from the depths
of our workshop to show you some of what we do in a nice video format.

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